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toe lasting machine,shoes machine features and Specifications

Toe lasting machine,shoes machine features and Specifications:

1.Insole and vamp dont have to cement before lasting ,by doing so,not only save labor force,but cement well after passed beating machine and assure the perfect shape.

2.Using all-arround forming band and special track wiper can make upper lasted even,enhanced outlooking ,improved quality and without angle after lasting.

3.The 9 independent pincers can be individually adjusted to cope with the lasting of any shape of shoe toes.The automatic balance device and the theory od automatic descending on wipersadvancing are the very key points for upgranding the quality and raising the production capacity.

4.Auxiliary wiper struction :

Auxiliary wiper can increase turn-arround lasting lenghth till front and middle connecting turn-outer position that coordinate with 9pincer toe lasting can make forpart leather be more closer to last via such kind of lasting.

5.Cement plate size adjuested structure.:
Generally, as for auto-cement of forpart cementing plate with fixed style,cant be regulated arbitrary.Because the adjusted structure is suitable for produce with different size.AT the meanwhile, as for mixed production,you can adjudst the plate size with fast speed without using the tools,so that the glue-point can cement on the appropriate position with small and big size. Cementing more perfectly.However you dont have to change the plate with big quantity of the same style.

6.The wipers are functioned with inching movement and speed ajustment, which makes the whole adjustment of lasting control more convient.

7.The machine is equipped with cross projector assenbly, which is cinvient for correcting toe lasting and helps new comers to easily operate the machine.

8.The rapid installing and releasing structure for pincers can finish the whole process within 30 seconds.
The height od the last support plate is remotely controlled.There is a numerical instruction provided for reference whichmakes the operation easier and more efficient.

9.The pressure and speed for each mechanism are adjusted and thepressure gage is also installed at the outside of the machine which makes the operation and adjustment more conviently.

10.The newly designed forward-and-backward adjusting mechanism for last support plates can quickly adjust the corresponding position of the last support plates and mid pincers accordinbg to the different sizes of shoes.

11.The fifth pincers can retate inward when the wipers move in and last the shoes.The rotary angle can be adjusted which will help the upper at ball point more stratched and attached to the last.Then ,by the aid of supplemental wipers, the shoes will be lasted and finished perfectly.

12.Speedy asdjustmental of pincer fixed plate.The pincers fixed plate adopts the double-tracking structure.It is independengtly adjusted on the right and left.The rotary point of pincers fixed plate is located at the joint beween the first and second pincers,The curve in beween will not be changed when the groups of right and left pincers are adjusted,which will make the uppers more attached to the lasts.







Toe lasting machine,shoes machine

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