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Computer measuring machine,Leather measuring machine
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       Shoe factory, leather goods factory, handbag factory, furniture factory, the most effective cost control - leather size review.rnIs there any accounting for the leather that I usually use every day? Based on the experience of the company doing business for many years, nornThe defense now counts the accounts for your boss:rnIs it not important to measure the weight of the computer? Everyone can countrnA company that produces a single shoe does not have a loss in the purchase of a leather machine:rnAssume that a pair of spring and autumn women's shoes with 1.5 feet of skin, the daily output of 500 pairs.rnTotal daily skin volume: 1.5 feet / double * 500 pairs = 750 feetrnWhen buying a foot skin, the seller sells it at 97% size and actually sells it at 90% size. The daily loss of skin: 1 foot (97%-90%) * 750 feet = 52.5 feet. About vrnThe average price of leather is 18 yuan / ft, the total amount of loss of skin per day: 18 yuan / ft * 52.5 ft = 945 yuan.rnThe total amount of loss in January is 945 yuan * 30 days = 28350 yuanrnTotal loss amount for one year: 28,350 yuan * 12 = 340,200 yuanrnSuppose the company produces boots, the daily output is more than 1000 pairs: The total amount of one year loss: 340500*2=680400 yuanrnBuying a Dafeng computerized leather machine can reduce the loss of 680,400 yuan!!!

Computer leather machine

Computer measuring machine,Leather measuring machine

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