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Leather measuring machine working principle

       Leather measuring machine, working principlernLeather measuring machine, measuring machine, measuring machine is a kind of equipment that needs to be purchased as raw materials for shoe factories, leather goods factories, luggage factories, handbag factories, furniture factories, car seat factories, leather factories, etc.rnThe Leather measuring machine and the measuring machine play a vital role in the cost accounting, open source and throttling and optimal utilization of leather for these factories.rnAs the saying goes, buying a Leather measuring machine is equivalent to a BMW car.rnSince the Leather measuring machine is so important, do you know the working principle?rnMeasuring the leather area is a two-dimensional planar measurement problem. Due to the irregular shape of the leather, this series uses the grid accumulation method in the measurement, that is, the leather is divided into small cells of equal area (in this system, each small area is 100px2), and a unit of leather is synthesized. The number of leather can be obtained.rnThe motor is controlled by a conveyor belt to pass the leather through the incandescent tubes and phototransistors located above and below the two rows. The number of photocells is blocked by the leather. Since the adjacent phototransistors are separated by 2 cm, the area of the cells corresponding to each of the blocked photocells is 4 cm2. Therefore, when a piece of leather passes completely, the leather is blocked. The total number of photocells is multiplied by the corresponding coefficient of the system to determine the actual area of the sheet of leather.rn     However, the edge portion of the leather generally cannot completely fill the entire unit cell. Some parts of the measurement may obscure the illumination light. It is considered to be the area of a small cell, and some parts are not covered by the illumination light, and are discarded. This has caused a certain measurement error. In theory, further subdivision of the cell can improve the measurement accuracy, but in fact, due to the sensor installation space and the operation speed of the microcontroller, the subdivision of the cell is limited. However, due to the fact that the accuracy of the corresponding area is not very high during the leather industry transaction process, the system as a commodity can meet all user needs and standards.

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