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vacuum shoes heat setting machine,shoes machine

vacuum shoes heat setting machine,shoes machine Features:

1.       move and adjust the shoes rack riding boots, flat shoes can be adjusted freely

2.       unique design of riding boots locator,adapted to different height

3.       unique design of hot air circulation ,all-round wind massage the vamp

4.       select either vacuum or steam to adapt different materials

5.       nfrared heating ,energy saving the preferred

6.       break-in parts of the machine can automatic oiling durable in use


About this product

   To soften the tightened uppers with high temperature steam,and eliminate the internal stress  when connect the uppers

then extract the moisture in Gangbao and air which between the Vamp and shoes tree. In vacuum condition,

the vamp closely clings to the shoes tree,and the Gangbao is hard and not deformed Because of limited time

and baking through vacuum. The shoes surface feels exquisite, soft, and high brightness.


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