shoe vacuum heat setting machine,shoe heat setter,shoe moulding machine

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shoe vacuum heat setting machine,shoe heat setter,shoe moulding machine

Cart-type digital computer wrinkle removing,vacuum vulcanizing machine


1、This machine adopts cart auto in /out design,convenient to operate.

2、Adopts vaccum setting for matching of vamp and last,improving aesthetic feeling of shoes.

3、Saves shoe last and reduces manufacturing cost.

4、This machine adopts close-type vulcanizing system,saving heat and reducing shoes cost.

5、Save time,increase efficiency and saves enegy.

6、Increase productivit and stabilize shoe product quality,increase orders.

7、Large size,low noise,double circulation in wrinkle removing.

8、Adopts comprehensive steam spraying device,to first soften vamp and then quickly vulcanize and heat and dry and then vacuumize for setting,for better last fitting.

Strengh advantages:

1、adopts the most advanced german microwave nanodouble circulation vulcanizing system.

2、Adopts the most advanced german SCP engergy-saving system,which is more stable and more energy-saving than traditional contactor system

3、Steam softening setting system

4、More obvious double circuleation in wrinkle removing system.

5、Fast-speed vacuum setting system

6、More stable cooling setting system

7、Easier cart in/out system with automatic lifting

8、The lowest power consumption is 4.5-6KWH per hour,70% lower than traditional vacuum vulcanizing machine,thermal setting machine.

外型尺寸            总功率     三相四线        重量         日产量(双)

1200*1250*1600MM   8KW       380V50HZ    1000KG        600-1500

vacuum vulcanizing machine,shoes machine