Scientific application method of auto shoe toe lasting machine and shoe machine

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automatic hydraulic glue shoe toe lasting machine making

How to scientifically use the hydraulic shoe toe lasting machine and related technology in shoe factories

At present, more and more factories have used the front upper machine instead of manual shoe climbing. The front upper machine has high work efficiency and production explosive power. It can receive large orders with short delivery time. The average daily output of 10 people can reach 1000 pairs, and the manual can be up to 400 pairs. Of course, using the memory automatic gluing function, the front upper machine will achieve higher efficiency. However, many factories are not familiar with the front upper machine and are unable to give full play to the machine functions.

The following points shall be paid attention to during the transition from manual shoe climbing to machine shoe climbing:

1、 Supporting equipment: toe shaping machine, back bell shaping machine, upper steaming machine, heel steaming activation machine;

2、 Board room requirements: the upper angle of manual board is too large compared with that of machine board. First, it wastes raw materials; Second, the toe cap is very uneven when tying the upper, resulting in hair angle or sweeping the upper. The machine board shall be properly cut, especially the high whip surface warpage position shall be accurate;

3、 Supporting shoe materials: check whether the midsole exceeds the shoe last. If yes, trim it with scissors or slightly smaller than the toe cap. For special toe caps with large warpage, the toe cap of the midsole shall be slightly adhered with white glue or double-sided glue before uppering. In short, the midsole roughly matches the toe cap, and there is mesh silk wool on the surface to enhance the adhesion; White latex shall be used along the glue of midsole and the corner of upper upper. The proportion of Gangbao water and Kuaiyu agent shall be moderate. Too dry and too wet will have a great impact on the lasting effect;

4、 Skilled operators: the front upper has a long hand age, the thumbs of both hands are flat and wide, the gestures are correct during operation, and the upper and heel should be clamped correctly;

5、 When making the confirmation board, the new body needs to use the front upper machine for trial production. When there is no problem, it can put the uniform code and turn to mass production; The front helper must cooperate with the plate maker to test the plate and repair the plate to ensure the smooth progress of on-site production;

6、 Mechanized production is a production mode coordinated by multiple departments, which requires strict management; Close cooperation between various production departments is the key. It is suggested to adopt the group piecework mode in the original place of use, which is conducive to the advancement of the process.