Hugo Boss … and Goat Leather!

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  So … as unappealing as it sounds, here we are again talking about goat leather. Last time I mentioned goat leather(ages ago) I was new to it and laughed a bit every time I thought of it, since it seemed ridiculous and we've been so conditioned to cow leather. Now that I've been looking at things like salmon skin paillards, it doesn't seem so strange.

  Now it's just the lining bit that's goat leather, and the rest is striped fabric and a calf leather outer. But the word on the street is that goat leather is softer than cow leather, so it would make sense to line the shoe with it. Also, goats are easier to raise than cows, eat less, and produce less waste. Even though they produce less leather, they can also be raised closer to cities, which makes shipping costs lower and increases proximity to production centers for speed purposes.

  As production costs go up for shoes, I think we're going to see more unconventional materials for shoes, as well as more creative uses of fabrics, which are cheaper. It might sound strange, looking at this shoe, to think that it contains so many differently sourced materials: goat, cow, sheep, jute and viscose. But in our world, where a hamburger can be made of meat from 3 different continents, I'm not as surprised anymore.

  That being said, bravo to Boss for making an attractive shoe that is smartly sourced. It's a comfy wedge, 3.5 inches, and perfect for the summer, especially if you're not a fan of espadrilles. These would go well with your wide-leg navy pants for work, and your billowy white dress for the beachside lunch.

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