What are the main characteristics of shoe making machine

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What are the main characteristics of toe lasting shoe making machine

In the shoemaking equipment industry, the main shoemaking equipment products include: various shoemaking lines, infrared sole sticking production lines, ovens, rapid freezing and setting machines, vacuum sulfur adding machines, damp heat setting machines, heel setting machines, steaming and softening machine series, toe lasting machines, heel lasting machines, various sole pressing machines, heel nailing machines, leather splitting machines , shoe leather cutting machines, gluing machines, infrared ovens, shoe machine accessories Other shoemaking machines and various mechanical hardware accessories.

Main features of mechanical operation process of shoe machine:

1. use steam spray device, first wash and wash uppers, then quickly heat and dry. Then the vamp is massaged by vacuum shaping.

2. The temperature setting of each part can be adjusted according to the different toe, heel and material, so that the treated shoes are in a streamlined state, with perfect appearance and better modeling effect.

3. Vacuum shaping is used to make the upper coincide with the last. The processing time of each section is adjusted without activation, so that the quality of the treated shoes is better.

4. Adopt rotary circulating conveyor belt to save time, improve productivity and stabilize product quality.

5. The rail type rolling and continuous rotation conveying mode is used to improve the stability of the machine and the service life of the product, and reduce the damage cost of the machine.

6. Sealed heating is used to stabilize the constant temperature effect of the treatment box, reduce heat loss, save power and reduce production cost.

7. Adopt rotary circulation conveying mode to save shoe last and reduce manufacturing cost.

Relatively small size, small floor space, unique sound convection principle design scheme is adopted to reduce the noise of the machine.