What kind of shoe making machine is needed to make a pair of women's shoes

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What kind of shoe making machine is needed to make a pair of women's shoes

Today, a friend consulted me and said that he wanted to open a shoe factory. He sold women's shoes on Taobao. Now his business is booming. However, he also has a worry that the cost of taking goods from others is expensive, resulting in low actual profits. He doesn't want to open a shoe factory to produce and sell his own shoes. He also asked me, "can a shoe machine make a pair of finished shoes?"? As soon as he asked, I knew he was a layman. My friends, did you see that other people's shops on the Internet sell at least thousands of pairs of shoes a day, think that all the white money has flowed into other people's pockets, and then think about yourself, hey... Do you really want to open a shoe factory to produce and sell their own shoes immediately? Yes, this idea is good, but before this idea, do we also need to know what kind of shoemaking machine is needed to make a pair of women's shoes? As the saying goes, only when you know who you are, can you win every battle. Now, Dafeng shoe machine will explain what kind of shoe-making equipment is needed to make a pair of women's shoes. Before the explanation, let Dafeng shoe factory introduce itself. The company was established in 2003. The company has its own intellectual property rights and has obtained a number of national patents and certificates for research and development of shoemaking machinery skills. The company's toe lasting machine, heel lasting machine, side and heel lasting machine, sole pressing machine, steaming and softening machine, setting machine and other shoemaking equipment and various shoemaking machine accessories sell well at home and abroad. Now, do you know the qualification of Dafeng shoe machine factory? If you want to buy shoe-making equipment, you are looking for Dafeng. Don't worry, let's find out what kind of shoemaking equipment is needed to make a pair of women's shoes, and then purchase it!

Step 1: heel shaping: first shape the purchased vamp through the heel shaping machine; This machine is suitable for setting the heel of leather shoes; Computer temperature control can make the heel shape more excellent; The machine is controlled by PLC, with high degree of automation and safe and reliable application; The projection lamp can obtain the most accurate setting orientation; The adjustable fixture makes the upper and last fit 100%; After shaping, the lining, film and vamp are closely fitted without wrinkling, deformation and blistering. The output value is 1400 ~ 2000 pairs in 8 hours.

Step 2: steam the shaped vamp through the steam softening machine. This machine is suitable for leather uppers with hot film on the toe cap. After heating and steaming by this machine, it will soften and knot well; In terms of temperature - the normal temperature is 100-120 degrees, which can be adjusted according to the time of raw materials and leather materials for about 10-20 seconds. The output value is 1500 ~ 2000 pairs in 8 hours.

Step 3: apply the automatic gluing front upper machine to the steamed soft upper. The hydraulic operation system is used for the operation of this front upper machine, and the high and low pressure circuit planning is selected, so the machine action is fast and stable; The claw shape is completely and actively placed, and the claw shape adjustment function of two degrees of freedom enables the claws to be quickly placed into various shoe shapes. The microcomputer controller can store the previously operated shoe shapes for convenient production. The output value is 1500 ~ 1800 pairs in 8 hours.

Step 4: tie the upper of the front upper to the middle and rear upper through the middle and rear upper machine. This machine has claw seat and elevation angle of middle upper. It has the function of adjustment. The height of support can be adjusted. The height of last back support and front and rear oil cylinders can also be adjusted. The output value is 1500-1800 pairs in 8 hours.

Step 5: wrinkle the vamp with the front and middle back vamps through the hot air wrinkle remover to make the shoe surface smooth. This machine adopts a large brand of wind pressure switch protector, which can make the heating wire use for a long time without damage; Built in anti carbon filter is more suitable for ironing and wrinkle removal of light color upper. The output value is 1800 ~ 2200 pairs in 8 hours.

Step 6: flatten the wrinkled vamp through the upper corner Leiping massage machine. This machine can eliminate the phenomenon of upper hair angle; It plays a segmented massage role on the toe cap, heel and waist upper. The output value is 1800 ~ 2200 pairs in 8 hours.

Step 7: shape the vamp with good upper angle through an efficient heat setting machine. The machine adopts full-automatic straight through design; With original imported parts, the control system is safe and reliable. It is suitable for the shaping of various styles of shoes.. The output value is 1400 ~ 2000 pairs in 8 hours.

Step 8: roughen the shaped upper through environmental friendly bilateral roughening mechanism shoe equipment to make its surface smooth. It is applicable to the polishing of uppers and soles of all styles of shoes. It has no noise, excellent dust collection effect and no spark caused by friction of traditional roughing machine. It has high safety. It is a high-performance and environment-friendly roughing machine. The output value is 1800 ~ 2200 pairs in 8 hours.

Step 9: sole the ready-made vamp through the universal hydraulic sole press. At this time, the basic shape of a pair of women's shoes has come out. The machine adopts full oil pressure design and has strong pressure to make the fit between sole and upper more firm; The position of the front upper can be adjusted actively; Women's shoes can be fitted with heels of different heights to press the bottom; Men's shoes can fit any size and length to press the bottom. Both men's and women's shoes can be used.

Step 10: pass the freshly made shoes through the rapid freezing setting machine to set them again. The machine adopts adjustable conveyor belt; Powerful refrigeration system, rapid speed air circulation system, up to minus 10 degrees in a few seconds; The unique double acting gate, active defrosting and fast freezing shaping speed up the glue polymerization time; Save electricity, space, last and any shoes.

Step 11: remove the shaped shoe last through the hydraulic last pulling machine. This machine has few faults and low noise. The press switch is selected, which is very convenient to operate. The up and down movement adopts radian design to protect the upper. The output value is 2200 pairs in 8 hours.

Step 12: nail the shoe whose last is pulled out with a suitable shoe root through an automatic heel nailing machine. This heel nailing machine is used for heel nailing of all styles of shoes. With imported control system, it is correct and fast. Its balance cylinder will adjust itself to press the heel at any height when nailing the heel, and ensure that the heel is not damaged. At this time, a pair of women's shoes had been officially born.

Step 13: pass the finished women's shoes through the polishing machine and add some beautiful gloss to it. That's perfect. The polishing machine has a wide range of application; It is used for raising all kinds of shoe soles, polishing vamp, polishing shoe edges, waxing and other operations. It is the best beauty equipment for shoe appearance repair; It can also be used for polishing various accessories and other parts.

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